Tradescantia - 'Pistachio' Wandering Jew

Size: 4.5" Pot


Tradescantia Pistachio™ White is a new foliage plant introduction that can be used as a houseplant or a combination plant in mixed containers outdoors. What makes this plant unique is it has the largest amount of white variegation available on any Tradescantia. The plant is fast growing and sure to be a winner for anyone who is looking for a new houseplant or outdoor plant. The unique variegated foliage of mint green and white will look great in your home by adding versatility to any outdoor mixed container.

 Light: Tradescantia prefer shade conditions outdoors, or bright indirect light indoors.  Variegation will be the best in a bright light environment. 

Water:  Water when the top soil feels dry.  Do not allow your plant to sit in water.

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