Succulent/Cactus Soil 8qt

Size: 4 Quart Bag



Fertilome Succulent Mix with ECOPEAT* formula is the perfect ready to use potting mix for all your favorite succulents. The Blend of sphagnum peat, ECOPEAT*, and perlite will ensure maximum porosity, superior drainage, and ideal water retention.

  • *ECOPEAT is a natural wood fiber from the peat bog added to our peat moss to produce superior professional substrates with an exceptional ratio of air porosity and water holding capacity

The Best Succulent Mix on the Market!


  • Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • EcoPeat*
  • Horticultural Perlite
  • Calcitic Limestone
  • Dolomitic Limestone
  • Wetting Agent


  • Succulents
  • Succulent rooting


  • Ready to Use
  • High Porosity
  • Fast Drainage
  • Ideal moisture retention
  • Designed for Succulents
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