'Shenandoah Melodies®' USA Wind Chimes

Size: 35"
Color: Sage


'Shenandoah Melodies®' Wind Chimes combine high-quality materials with handcrafted appeal to provide long-lasting harmony around your home. Made in the U.S.A., its distinctive look and inviting tones will amaze anyone who enters your yard. It is available in several colors and will compliment any setting.

Tempered anodized aluminum is cut and drilled precisely, to give 'Shenandoah Melodies®' a rich, melodious tone. Each tube is then further hand-tuned to ensure that our chimes produce a balanced scale which is soothing and easy to listen to.

Handcrafted in Virginia from weather-resistant components, 'Shenandoah Melodies®' Wind Chimes are made to be enjoyed year round and provide a fine-tuned touch of natural beauty to your living space.

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