Radius Root Slayer Hand Trowel



Satisfy all your digging needs with the Radius Root Slayer Hand Trowel, the perfect tool for the dedicated gardener. Featuring a durable blade with 24 ripsaw teeth, an inverted V cutting tip, and even a twine cutter and bottle opener, this trowel is built to last a lifetime. Made with powder coated enamel carbon steel, the blades can be sharpened for an even longer cutting edge. Plus, with a lifetime guarantee, you can trust in the quality and durability of this trowel.

Blade Length = 6.75", Blade Width 3.5", Total Length = 12.75", Weight: 10 oz., Material: Tempered Powder coated enamel carbon steel blade, non-latex thermoplastic grip with polypropylene core. Holster made from a durable nylon.

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