Pond2O Submerged Weeds Herbicide



Formulation: 37.3% DiQuat

Fast kill of surface and submerged weeds—non selective.
No residual weed control
Effect in burning off duckweed and watermeal mats **
Can be mixed with Pond 2O Algaecide for synergistic control of submerged aquatic weeds (see label rates)
Childproof Cap Included
** Add non-ionic surfactant to enhance kill such as Pond 2O Surf


  • 1 quart with 25 gallons water plus 8 oz. of Surf treats 10,000 sq. ft. surface area
  • Treat clear calm water (turbid, muddy water will reduce effectiveness of treatment)

1 Quart Container

Pond2O is a complete line of solutions to enhance the water quality in farm and recreational ponds.  Available for In-Store Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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