Natural Guard 100% Organic Garden Soil

Size: 2 Cubic Foot Bag


Natural Guard 100% Organic Garden Soil is a blend of supercharged Black Peat with humic and fulvic acids, worm castings, and kelp meal. The best garden conditioner substitute for sphagnum peat moss for square-foot gardens. Perfect for flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

The Ultimate Soil Amendment!


  • Black Peat
  • Dolomitic limestone
  • Calcitic limestone
  • Granulated algae
  • Worm castings
  • Kelp Meal


  • Soil Conditioner
  • Flower Beds
  • Vegetable and Herb Gardening
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Lawn seed patching


  • Ready to Use
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use
  • Adds Texture to Sandy Soil
  • Loosens Clay Soils
  • Saves Water
  • Organic Gardening
Available in 2 cubic foot bags.

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