Lettuce Leaf - 'Brentwood' Seeds Organic



These pretty lettuce leaves grow high above the core for easy salad prep cutting. Compact heads produce high yields in a small space, while its bolt resistance allows for a long harvest. Resistant to downy mildew, lettuce leaf aphid, and Fusarium wilt. Seeds are pelletized with an organic coating for easy handling.

Plant Dimensions: 6"–8" wide, 4" tall

Variety Information: Compact, short heads have glossy, burgundy, lobed leaves with a soft texture. Eazyleaf™ lettuces were developed to have a narrow leaf attachment, making them "one-cut ready" types, meaning with one cut at the base, the leaves are the perfect size to use for salads. Good bolt resistance and disease resistant to downy mildew, lettuce leaf aphid, and Fusarium wilt

30 seeds Packet

Days to Maturity: 21–57 days

Family: Asteraceae

Native: Unknown; lettuce has been in cultivation for a long time.

Hardiness: Frost-tolerant annual

Plant Dimensions: 6"–8" wide, 4" tall

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