Hyr Brix® Tomato Fertilizer 5-8-10

Size: 5# Tote


Hyr Brix® Tomato Fertilizer is specifically designed to meet the needs of tomato plants, which have a shallow root system and require high levels of potassium. This fertilizer contains essential calcium to prevent diseases and blossom end rot. With a combination of soluble and slow-release nutrients, only one application is needed before planting. It does not contain high levels of salts that can harm natural soil biology and good bacteria. Additionally, it contains a special form of ammonia that aids in blossom development and a unique blend of ocean minerals and micro-nutrients that enhance taste. The inclusion of humic acid also stimulates growth and improves the physical properties of the soil. Trust the expertise of Hyr Brix® for optimal tomato growth.

    • 5 lb. covers 125 sq. ft. or 100 foot of row
    • One application provides season-long fertility

    Choose from 5# or 20# Containers

    Available for Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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