Hyr Brix® Fruit & Berry Fertilizer 6-8-9

Size: 5# Tote


Hyr Brix® Fruit & Berry Fertilizer contributes to higher-quality fruits, with increased yield and enhanced taste. Added micro-nutrients provide a greater nutritional value, while the combination of soluble and slow-release nutrients allows for continuous fertilization and rapid growth. This formula also contains essential nutrients that promote longer plant life and improve storage qualities. Additionally, it can improve the overall physical properties of soil, making it an essential addition for a successful growing season. With just one application required per season, it's a convenient and efficient choice for any gardener.

6-8-9 + Ca9 + S10

  • 5 lb. covers 125 sq.ft. or 50 ft. row
    20 lb. covers 500 sq.ft. or 200 ft. row
    50 lb. covers 1,250 sq.ft. or 500 ft. row

    Only one application required per growing season.

Choose from 5# or 20# Containers

Available for Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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