Hibiscus - Tropical Assorted Colors

Size: 10" Pot


The tropical hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, is best known for its showy flowers and glossy leaves. These plants, available in a wide range of flower colors, are largely synonymous with tropical environments throughout the world.

Tropical hibiscus can reach heights of up to 15’ in the wild but are more often in the 5’– 6’ range in containers.  Plants can be used in a tree form or as a medium – large shrub.  The glossy, green leaves are arranged alternately, and many cultivars have toothed margins. Flowers are the dominating characteristic and occur in a rainbow of colors, reaching up to 6” in diameter. Hibiscus have bell-shaped flowers with stamen spirally arranged along a distinct pistil.  Blooms may have single or double rows of petals, with either smooth or scalloped edges.

Plants are also well known for attracting hummingbirds – an added bonus for any landscape.

Hibiscus require full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Plants grown too shady will become tall and leggy. Inadequate light will also limit flowering.

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