Gourd - 'Speckled Swan' Hard-Shelled Gourd Seeds



A vibrant, emerald green dotted with light green speckles, 'Speckled Swan' makes a naturally beautiful addition to an autumnal display. Hard-shelled gourds, like 'Speckled Swan', can also be cured and last indefinitely—perfect for craft projects to let your imagination run wild! Carve, cut, drill, or paint them like you would do with wood for a variety of creative endeavors. See inside of packet for curing instructions. 'Speckled Swan' will usually have a curved neck, but a few may be straight.

(~10 seeds) packet

Days to Maturity: 100 Days

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Native: Africa, probably Zimbabwe

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual

Exposure: Full sun

Plant Dimensions: 8'–12' vines

Variety Info: Speckled Swan' is a hard-shelled gourd. Mature gourds are bright green with light green speckles and are 14"–18" long with a 6" base. The round base tapers to a narrow, swan-like neck.

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