Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer

Size: 4" Saucer


Prevent your plants from leaking water over the floor with the Clear Vinyl Plant Saucers by Curtis Wagner.  The air-flow bottom design prevents moisture, dirt, and other debris from becoming trapped underneath the saucer. Additionally, the ribbed sidewall enhances the strength and rigidity of the saucer. We use the clearest recyclable plastic in our production process.

The saucers come in five different sizes.

4" - 4” Top Diameter x 1.12” Depth x 3” Base Diameter
6" - 6” Top Diameter x 1.25” Depth x 5” Base Diameter
8" - 8” Top Diameter x 1.25” Depth x 7” Base Diameter
10" - 10” Top Diameter x 1.25” Depth x 9” Base Diameter
12" - 12” Top Diameter x 1.25” Depth x 11” Base Diameter

Material: Plastic

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