Calathea - 'Misto'

Size: 5" Pot


Calathea are characterized by boldly marked, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors—includes some of the most beautiful tropical plants in the world. Due to the plants' eye-catching stripes and veining, they're often known by nicknames such as the zebra plant, peacock plant, or rattlesnake plant.

Calathea care can be difficult only because the plants require specific conditions and aren't particularly hardy to neglect. But they thrive outdoors in their native tropical climate. And they'll thrive indoors if you can mimic that climate. They are fast-growing, pet-friendly, lush, and eye-catching.

Regularly dusting your plant's leaves helps prevent their pores from clogging, maximizing light-capturing efficiency and helping promote healthy growth.

Sold in assorted varieties.

Height: 36"
Width: 36"
Light: Indirect Light, Not Full Shade

Water: Keep evenly moist.  Drying out will cause leaf browning.

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