9.5" Athens Glazed Clay Pot

Color: Heavenly Blue


Burleys Athen's pots come in multiple colors and sizes for any decor or plant needs.  Clay pots are perfect for those of us who go a bit overboard with watering. We just can't help it; we don't want our precious plants to die! Clay creates a natural safeguard against overwatering and allows oxygen to enter the soil and aerate the roots. We can all breathe a little easier knowing our planter has our back.  

Burley Clay planters are 100% American Made and handcrafted with Ohio clay right here in Roseville. Burley is the last American made pottery factory around, we use the lost art of Jiggering as well as a hydraulic press to create some of the most unique and beautiful pottery in the US.

Dimensions: 9.5"D x 7.75"H


Made in USA.

Material: Clay

Available for Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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