Fertilome® Seed and Cutting Mix

Size: 8 Quart Bag


Ferti•lome® Seed and Cutting Mix is a fine screened lightweight soil formula, including black peat and fine perlite, that optimizes germination conditions. The sphagnum peat blend with wetting agent provides and excellent balance between moisture retention and air capacity to prevent root disease while promoting efficient rooting. The ideal starter formula for germination seeds and rooting leaf, stem and root cuttings. 


  • Fine Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Fine Horticultural Perlite
  • Black Peat
  • Dolomitic limestone
  • Calcitic limestone
  • Fertilizer Charge
  • Wetting Agent


  • Seed Germination
  • Plugs
  • Cuttings


  • Ready to Use
  • Fine texture
  • Good water retention
Available in 8 quart bags.

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