Yezberry Solo Japanese Haskap

Size: 3 Gallon PW Pot


Yezberry® Japanese haskaps are an easy-to-grow, super delicious fruit for everyone. Yellow flowers appear very early in spring (we'll bet it's the first thing to bloom in your yard each year) and give way to plump blue fruits in early summer. Berries are sweet enough to eat straight from the stems, or can be made into sauce, jam, or desserts. This tough shrub grows well in sun or part shade, and isn't fussy about soil: any type and even any pH level will do. Yezberry haskaps are extremely cold tolerant. Yezberry® Solo will bear fruit without a pollinator, but gets larger and more numerous berries when planted alongside another Yezberry® Japanese haskap variety.

Zone 3-7
Height: 5-6'
Spread: 5-6'
Blooms: Early Spring

Sun Needs: Full - Part Sun

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