Tradescantia - 'Nanouk' Wandering Jew

Size: 4.5" Pot


Tradescantia Nanouk is special breed of Wandering Jew that features pink, purple, green, and white stripes create a stunning pattern on its leaves, looking like each leaf has been brushed by a talented painter.

Tradescantia stems are thick and chunky, providing sturdy support to rounded, fuzzy thick leaves. Small, charming pink buds and white and yellow flowers show up in spring and summer.  All Tradescantias are easy to grow, colorful, and very beautiful and are beloved as houseplants the world over.

Tradescantia “Nanouk” branches grow upright. It takes a very long time and excellent growing conditions for this lovely plant to start trailing.


Light: Tradescantia prefer shade conditions outdoors, or bright indirect light indoors.  Variegation will be the best in a bright light environment. 

Water:  Water when the top soil feels dry.  Do not allow your plant to sit in water.

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