The Capability Trowel Kent & Stowe



The Capability Trowel by Kent & Stowe is a robust, stainless steel trowel that is designed for many gardening jobs.  

Some features include:

  • High quality polished stainless steel head for rust resistance and minimal soil adhesion
  • Handle made from beautiful ash wood, contoured for a perfect comfortable grip
  • Serrated edge to make light work of weeding; severing roots and opening compost bags
  • Pointed tip for easy soil penetration
  • Robust hammer to aid hammering in anything from vine eyes to posts
  • Engraved depth gauge for accurate planting
  • Ideal for potting, planting, weeding and turning over soil

13" Overall Length
4"W x 6"L Spade

Material: Wood/Stainless Steel

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