Square Clear Designer Heavy Plant Saucer

Size: 8" Saucer


Prevent your plants from leaking water over the floor with the Square Clear Designer Heavy Plant Saucers by Curtis Wagner. Crafted with high-quality, durable plastic and designed with feet to promote airflow underneath plants, the Square Clear Designer Heavy Plant Saucer prevents moisture stains and protects surfaces such as carpets, wood floors, and decks. Its square shape is specially made to fit snugly under square plant pots.

The saucers come in three different sizes.

8" - 8” x 8” Top, 5.75” x 5.75” Base, 1.62” Depth
10" - 10” x 10” Top, 7.75” x 7.75” Base, 1.62” Depth
12" - 12” x 12” Top, 9.25” x 9.25” Base, 1.62” Depth

Material: Plastic

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