Pond2O Blue Pond Dye



Maintain a great looking pond with Blue Pond Dye.  Just pour the dye in from the shore and it will spread throughout the water depth.  Super concentrated means staying in suspension longer than cheap dyes.
100% safe for water use immediately.

Apply in the early spring and every 6 weeks during peak season March - Oct


  • Just pour/throw in from shore. Stays in suspension longer creating depth protection.

    1 liquid gallon treats 1 acre 4-6ft. deep

    Treat every 60-90 days for optimum aesthetics and color or whenever necessary after heavy rains.

1 Gallon Container:  Available in Throw Packs upon request.

Pond2O is a complete line of solutions to enhance the water quality in farm and recreational ponds.  Available for In-Store Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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