Platycodon - 'Popstar Blue' Balloon Flower

Size: Quart Pot


The Pop Star™ Blue Balloon Flower boasts beautiful blue blooms that are sure to attract attention once they burst into full bloom. Its star-shaped flowers feature pointed petals and are densely packed, creating a vibrant burst of color when in bloom.

Platycondon grandiflorus is known for its dark green foliage and compact, fast-growing, mounded form. This versatile plant can be featured in beds, mass plantings, or borders, and its blue blooms stand out particularly well against a rocky backdrop. Additionally, the easy-to-grow Pop Star™ Blue Balloon Flower makes a lovely container plant, perfect for displaying on a table or in a window box and admiring its stunning flowers up close.

Height: 6-8"
Spread: 10-12"
Bloom: June-July
Sun Needs: Full Sun

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