Petchoa - 'Sunset Orange'

Size: 4.5" Pot


Petchoas are beautiful sun-loving annual flowers for sun. They're relatively new plants on the market, so a lot of gardeners haven't heard of them before. Grow petchoas and you can be a trend setter! These flowers are gaining popularity because they're easy to grow and offer beautiful petunia-like flowers in a stunning range of colors. Happily, they don't suffer from some of the problems that their old-fashioned cousins do.

Most petchoa varieties have a mounding or trailing shape, making them versatile and perfect for both container gardens and landscaping. In pots, use them as lovely filler plants to add color and texture, or as spiller plants, to cascade over the side of the container. You can also use them to perfect effect in hanging baskets.

Full - Part Sun
Fertilize weekly

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