Macho Fern Hanging Basket

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The Macho Fern is larger than its relatives the Boston Fern and Kimberly Queen, hence its name! This fern is easy to grow. It has graceful, arching, bold green fronds. This plant is perfect for the indoors or in a shady outdoor location such as a shaded patio or front porch!

The Grainery’s Signature Fern Collection. HUGE Fern Baskets averaging 3 feet across! Try the Grainery difference.  Compared with box store ferns, our ferns actually grow for you throughout the season.  From the moment these ferns enter our greenhouse, they are cleaned of broken leaves and stems, given fertilizer for the growing season, and placed in a spacious environment.  These always sell out, so order early!  

Comes in a 12" Green Plastic Hanging Basket.

Available for Pickup or Local Delivery Only.

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