HYR BRIX® Vegetable Fertilizer 4-7-9

Size: 5# Container


Take your garden to the next level with HyrBrix Fertilizer!  HyrBrix Vegetable Fertilizer is an all purpose fertilizer that works well on the entire garden, including all vegetables.  This complete balance of nutrients can enhance the plants' immune system to make the plant more resilient to common diseases and help increase production.


  • Contains slow release nutrients and micronutrients for season long feeding
  • Soluble nutrients and micro-nutrients for quick energy growth
  • Micronutrients, trace elements, and ocean minerals that make the produce taste better
  • Soil amendments to improve the physical properties of the soil. 
  • Naturally mined products that will not harm your soil and will enhance garden production.


5 lb. per 125 sq. ft. or 5 lb. per 100 foot row
One application provides season-long fertility

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