Delosperma - 'Pickle Plant'

Size: 5" Premium Pot


As you’ve likely guessed, pickle plants get their common name from the shape of their leaves – which look like little pickles. Though the leaves are covered with tiny, white, thorn-like hairs, there’s no need to worry. Unlike a cactus, pickle plant hairs are soft to the touch. So, no ouchy fingers with these guys.

Pickle plants are low growing succulents that have a shrub-like appearance. However, the leaves, which grow on thin, wiry stems, can reach heights of 18” – 20”. In the spring they produce small, daisy like flowers of white or yellow.

Because of their unique look, mature plants can make a nice option for a hanging basket.

Height: 18-20"
Width: 18-20"
Light: Indirect Light, Bright Light of a South or West Window

Water: As a succulent, a pickle plant doesn’t require heavy watering. It’s important to give your plant good water, then let the soil dry out before watering again.

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