Decimate Weed and Grass Killer

Size: 16 oz Bottle


Contains: 24.5% Glufosinate-ammonium

  • A non-selective herbicide kills weeds and grass plus some woody plants.
  • Is a contact, semi-translocating herbicide that inhibits glutamine synthetase.
  • It inhibits a plant’s ability to utilize nitrogen and causing ammonia within the plant to become toxic to the plant.
  • Works in 24 to 72 hours.
  • Works best when temps are over 85° when humidity is high and on bright, sunny days (not overcast).
  • Like glyphosate, it must be absorbed through a green surface of the plant such as; leaf, stem or trunk.
  • Rainfast in ½ hour to 4 hours.
  • May be reseeded or replanted after the spray has dried.
  • Mix 2oz per gallon per 1,000 sq ft.
  • May be used in a greenhouse or shade house (on label).

 An Alternative that is Proven to Work!

Always Read and Follow Label Directions.

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