Hydrangea - 'Let's Dance Big Band' Big Leaf Hydrangea

Size: 3 Gallon PW Pot


Strike up the band - Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea is here!

An endless drive for improvement is what motivates our big-leaf hydrangea breeding, so for us to make a new introduction, a plant has to be signficantly better than what's already available. That's why Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea has been added to the line: it combines bodaciously big mophead flowers with pure, true colors (pink in neutral/basic conditions, blue in acidic conditions) on a plant that survives winter better and reblooms better. That means more flowers, from the beginning of hydrangea season until the snowflakes fly!

Light Requirement:
Part Sun

Garden Height:
30 Inches


30 Inches


30 Inches


Flower Colors:


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